Renting your property has never been safer!


Let your property faster to creditworthy applicants and get protection similar to Rent Guarantee Insurance at no extra cost. Offer guarantid to tenants who don't meet the normal referencing criteria.

Securely screened tenants 

The tenants we approve go through an extensive background, credit, and fraud verification process.

Protection against defaults and damages

Your entire rent protected, plus any damage or breach by the tenant is covered. All for free. 

Three times more demand

The tenant's deposit is not required as you will have coverage. This increases the interest of potential tenants about 10 times and also multiplies the reservations by 3.

Our guarantee, in depth



The tenant must be pre-approved through a verification process performed by Homeppl, for the guarantee to apply.


Rental protection

The guarantee includes rental protection for up to 6 months from the moment the tenants stops paying until the end of the contract. If the tenant remains in the property beyond the end of the contract the guarantee will cover a maximum of 6 months or until the tenant is evicted - whichever comes first. 



guarantee value

Benefit from our comprehensive tenant referencing tool, Homeppl. We're trusted by the best agencies in the UK rental market.


Damages & payments

It covers damages caused by tenants in the property, up to a maximum of 2 months rental value.

If the tenant does not pay or is late in paying their rent, Homeppl will pay it within 10 days.

How it works


Once you believe guarantid can be a suitable solution to your prospective tenant:






Inform the tenant about guarantid
Invite the tenant to undergo a guarantid check
We validate the tenant
We sign the agreement with the tenant and yourself
Enjoy a legitimate tenant, risk free 

What does guarantid offer landlords?

 We protects landlords’ rental income while reducing the administrative burden involved in recovering costs in the event of damage or a rental default. 

What happens if my tenant stops paying rent?

We will pay the remaining share of rent of the tenant.

What happens if the tenant damages the property?

 If you are unable to resolve the issue with your tenant at the end of the term you can make a payment request for rent defaults or damage caused up to a maximum of two months of the tenant’s share of the rent.

Why should I offer this on my rental property?

Offering your property with a guarantor to potential renters makes it more attractive. You'll be able to minimise void periods by qualifiying a larger pool of prospective tenants. 



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Dave, Private Landlord

As a Landlord, guarantid gave me peace of mind that the tenants will pay rent on time and should anything happen, my property was in good hands 

Onslows Estate Agents

The world of renting has become an absolute minefield and all too often people are hit with “computer says no” when there is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind their financial situation. They may be new to the UK, recently graduated or simply missing the affordability criteria by a small margin - that’s where guarantid come in. The team are friendly and professional and offer a service that provides real peace of mind for Landlords, Agents and Tenants alike. Highly recommended!

Tanya, Private Landlord

Guarantid saved me time and money by supporting my current tenants to pass referencing. Without guarantid, I would have missed out on weeks of rent!