Student renting should be easy, but it’s not

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We're a rent guarantor service made just for you.

If you're a UK student - or international - renting a property is tough. 

Landlords may request you have a UK-based guarantor or pay 12-months rent up front!

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At guarantid, we think you should have a fairer chance of renting as a student, wherever you’re from.

With us, you can submit a few basic details to show us you're a trustworthy tenant, and we’ll be your guarantor for a one-off fee. And the fee is cheap - around 3 weeks’ of your rent! 

Amazing service

"I was having a nightmare when I was moving during the pandemic. I decided to go with guarantid. They were great, the person I dealt with worked really hard for me and I got my flat at the last minute, thanks to them."

- Janikn, Twickenham

Great value

"Brilliant, extremely helpful in sorting out my guarantor for my 2nd year university accommodation given I’m completely ineligible for renting by other means. Much cheaper and quicker, I highly recommend it."

- Oscar, London

Super helpful

"I was able to move into my student house within days of contacting guarantid. They were super helpful and understanding"

- Katherine, London

What our clients say

All you need to do is:

Fill in a short application

Our application just takes a couple of minutes out of your day!

Look out for an email 

We’ll email you if you're approved on the same day.

Pay a small fee -
45% less than competitors!

We will set ourselves up as your guarantor for about 3-weeks of your rent.

Get the legal documents to prove we’re covering you

We will send you all the legal information to show your landlord or agency.

Pack! And get ready
to move in!

Now the exciting bit...moving into your new home!

Apply now



What is a co-signer?

Students without an income will need a co-signer, but the co-signer does not need to be UK-based. This helps as UK lettings agents require a UK-based guarantor. We ask these individuals to co-sign our agreement with the student when the student doesn't have an income, or that income is below 22x.

How much do you charge?

Our one-time fee varies depending on your situation, so we recommend submitting the online form to get an accurate quote. If you want to calculate it yourself,: it’s 5.8% of your total share of the rent for the length of your tenancy, which for a 12 month tenancy is around 3 weeks rent.

My invoice is too big, can I pay it in installments?

Yes. We can split our invoice into two equal monthly instalments. Once you receive your invoice just reach out and we will make it happen.