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A rent guarantor that actually has your back

We’re here for everyone. Whether you're employed, a student, moving from abroad or on benefits, we can help take the stress and hassle out of moving.

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Why we’re a rent guarantor that puts you first...
We offer a fair, simple and quick service for tenants.


Give you a decision in less than 5 minutes


Can set us up as your guarantor in as little as 1 day


Offer a super support team to answer any questions you may have, or speak to your landlord or agency

How it works


Apply online

Fill in our quick form to find out if you’re qualified to use us. If you're approved, you will receive an instant quote for our services. If you have a question, our team will respond to you immediately.

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Get approved

You’ll need to pay a holding fee online to secure us as your guarantor.

If the information you gave us is confirmed at the referencing stage then we'll vouch for you as a reliable tenant and will step in and pay any missed rental payments on your behalf.


Move in!

Show the document to your landlord or agency, get your keys, and move in.

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"I was having a nightmare when I was moving during the pandemic. I decided to go with guarantid. They were great, the person I dealt with worked really hard for me and I got my flat at the last minute, thanks to them."

- Janikn, Twickenham

"Brilliant, extremely helpful in sorting out my guarantor for my 2nd year university accommodation given I’m completely ineligible for renting by other means. Much cheaper and quicker, I highly recommend it."

- Oscar, London

"I was able to move into my student house within days of contacting guarantid. They were super helpful and understanding."

- Katherine, London

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If you have any additional queries please reach out to our support team by using the live chat or via email at

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