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Get a rental guarantor today

We’re here for you to make your move as stress-free as possible

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Getting guarantid is easy!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself by filling in a short form.

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Get approved in minutes.

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Pay a one off fee of just 3 weeks rent - 45% less than our competitors.

Sign a legal document to show to your agent or landlord that we have your back.

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Get your keys and move in!

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"I was having a nightmare when I was moving during the pandemic. I decided to go with guarantid. They were great, the person I dealt with worked really hard for me and I got my flat at the last minute, thanks to them."

- Janikn, Twickenham

"Brilliant, extremely helpful in sorting out my guarantor for my 2nd year university accommodation given I’m completely ineligible for renting by other means. Much cheaper and quicker, I highly recommend it."

- Oscar, London

"I was able to move into my student house within days of contacting guarantid. They were super helpful and understanding."

- Katherine, London

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