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Having difficulty renting a UK property because you need a guarantor?

We at guarantid have got your back.


guarantid is on a mission to make renting fairer for foreigners, students, young professionals, self-employed and everyone else who needs a guarantor to rent on fair terms.

Since 2017, we’ve helped thousands of people who didn’t have a UK credit file to secure UK properties.


In exchange for a small fee - the equivalent of 3 weeks of rent - we’ll become your guarantor so you can move into your new home quickly and easily.


How does the guarantor service work?

Get the help you need to secure your property in as little as two days



Apply online to find out if you’re qualified to use us. We approve most people who apply, and we’ll respond to you immediately.



Pay online to secure us as your guarantor. We’ll then prepare a legal document declaring that we agree to cover your rent if you’re ever unable to pay.

Move in

 Show the document to your landlord/agency, get your keys and move in—easy!

Why choose guarantid?

We believe in you, and we want to help you secure your property and pay rent monthly.  What’s more, we can help you build your credit score and access to credit by positively reporting your rent payments.


No good tenant turned down

We use up-to-date technology to process your application, so you won’t be turned down unfairly, even if you’ve never rented in the UK before.

The UK’s lowest rates

To use our service, you pay a one-time fee equivalent to 5.8% of your yearly rent (about 3 weeks’ rent). That’s 45% less than you’d pay other UK guarantor services!

Personal support

If you need help explaining to your landlord or agency that you’re using a guarantor service, our team will happily speak with them.

Apply for a guarantor now

Getting started with guarantid is simple – just fill in the form below and hit send. 


We’ll email you with our response within 2 minutes, whether you’re approved or not.


Jorge, Developer. SW10

We just didn’t have 6 months of rent money lying around. Our international relocation to London was made much easier with the help of guarantid, it saved us time and stress, we couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended!

Katherine, Student. E16

I was able to move into my student house within days of contacting guarantid. They were super helpful and understanding

Martha, Student. N7

guarantid made my international move easier by giving me the confidence to feel supported throughout the process through clear-cut terms and helpful, personal interaction