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guarantid was established by the team behind, a tenant data validation company that assesses and qualifies legitimate consumers, with or without a credit file. Homeppl was established in 2016 and has made a lasting legacy in the lettings industry by coining Homeppl as the world’s most comprehensive tenant validation process. 

Whether you're a university, association or developer, join our partnership program and increase your revenue, close more deals, stand out and provide better solutions to your clients.


Refer students, undergraduate or postgraduate, UK or abroad in need of a UK guarantor to rent their desired property whether on or off-campus.


We work with a wide range of corporates, acting as guarantor for working professionals.


Whether your employees are new to the country or just seeking a professional guarantor to help them rent, we can take the stress off so that they can settle properly and you can have happy employees.



Join reputable clients who trust and work with guarantid. Easily cover your buildings. Simple!

How it works


Reach out to us to learn more about the product including terms and conditions. Click the link below and a member of our team will be in touch.