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Whether you're a university, agency, association or developer, join our partnership program and increase your revenue, close more deals, stand out and provide better service to your clients.

What we offer


Better protection

If your tenant falls into financial difficulties we'll quickly step in to cover their rent within 14 days with no legal resources needed.

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Additional revenue stream

A 10% commission on any successful tenants that you recommend our services to.


Less friction

You don’t need to reject international students’ application or ask for them to pay rent upfront with our service in place.

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How it works


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Our consultant will explain the offer to you.


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Join many other well known UK agencies, associations and developers.


Send tenants our way!

And get 10% kick-back commission.

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Who can become our partner?



Refer students, undergraduate or postgraduate, UK or abroad in need of a UK guarantor to rent their desired property whether on or off-campus.​

Plus, you can also obtain a reduced price for your students.


Letting Agencies

Dozens of agencies around the country have choosen guarantid for our reliability and the speed at which we can deliver a contract.



Join reputable clients who trust and work with guarantid.

Constantly secure your properties with a guarantid tenant. Everybody wins!

We work with the best

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