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Ying Goi Dim and guarantid have partnered to provide you with the best guarantor solution


Unbeatable price of just 5.7% of your rent

guarantid is a professional guarantor service that can help ease up your rental process. With guarantid, you get to avoid the burden of a large advance rent payment and instantly get the property you desire.

Guarantid gives you more

You can avoid paying 6 to 12 months rent in advance, and the struggle of finding a UK based guarantor. We can help you secure your desired property, pay rent monthly, and avoid advance payment.


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50% lower fees


We're so confident in our ability to validate quality tenants that we charge only 3 weeks of your rent. Fair.


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400+ trusted partners

Join hundreds of letting agencies, new developers, and associations who trust and work with guarantid.


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0% default rate


We specialise in tenant referencing. 100k+ tenants, 93% approval, 0% default. Our figures speak for themselves.

How guarantid works for tenants


Satisfying the UK tenant referencing criteria can be tough. You need to have an annual income of 30x the monthly rent, have a good UK rental record and a UK credit file. We created guarantid to help creditworthy renters rent on fair terms without discrimination or small print conditions.

Get started



Complete the online application and pay



Sign the guarantid agreement



Rent on fair terms

We believe in you



We want to help you secure your property and pay rent monthly.  We can also help you build your credit score and access to credit by positively reporting your rent payments. With guarantid, you can benefit from: 

guarantid offers protection against any unpaid financial loss or damage incurred by you as part of a tenancy agreement. The guarantee is valid over a term defined in the tenancy agreement with a maximum period of 12 months. 

Affordable Pricing


50% cheaper than any other guarantor service



No family or a friend guarantee is required

No Stress


Secure your new property


Jorge, Developer. SW10

We just didn’t have 6 months of rent money lying around. Our international relocation to London was made much easier with the help of guarantid, it saved us time and stress, we couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended!

Katherine, Student. E16

I was able to move into my student house within days of contacting guarantid. They were super helpful and understanding

Martha, Student. N7

guarantid made my international move easier by giving me the confidence to feel supported throughout the process through clear-cut terms and helpful, personal interaction

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